Inaugural Local Assembly: Soil Health and Natural Fibers

Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion Connecticut Chapter

Opening Remarks by Yimin Deng-Wen

As the organizer of this event, we are so very excited to inaugurate the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion Connecticut Chapter. UCRF is an international alliance of fashion researchers that are involved in addressing our intensifying ecological and planetary crisis. The artist founder of TILL: bioFASHIONtech, Jane Philbrick, is a signatory of UCRF.

UCRF’s mission:

  • to take a leadership role in fashion sustainability
  • to advocate for systematic change
  • to diversify the discourse of the field
  • to organize and to formulate visions converge with my path, a young designer researching, experimenting and creating solutions.

It also converges with the purpose of TILL: bioFASHIONtech, that is to “build a new model that makes the old model obsolete”, quoting Buckminster Fuller.

Read the full article here.

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