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Grass Hill Farm

Union, CT

Judith Hooper
47 Rindge Road
Union CT 06076

Phone: (860) 792 9011


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FB: @grasshillCT 
IG: @grasshillfarm


Grass Hill Farm is a small hobby farm in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner. We are one of a handful of farms in the US raising American Herdwick Sheep. Considered a conservation breed, these are the sheep made famous by Beatrice Potter and they continue to entertain us with their cheeky behavior and big personalities.

Originally from the Lake District in the UK, Herdwick ram genetics were imported around 15 years ago and crossed primarily with Icelandic ewes to produce the American Herdwick today with percentages as high as 87%. We are continuing the effort to introduce UK Herdwick genetics with the help of Tuft’s reproductive expertise and a careful, thoughtful breeding program. Besides providing fiber, our sheep participate in an animal facilitated mindfulness and trust workshop offered by the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. We also occasionally have sheep for sale.